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Authoring Your own Work
A Crash Course in Plagiarism

Advisor: Dr. Rosemarie Menager-Beeley :
Technical Assistant: Lyn Paulos:

    This unit is designed to help students avoid the pitfalls of copying, improper paraphrasing and improper citation use. For this section you will be seeking and identifying sources, learning how to recognize proper paraphrasing, citation use, and recognizing when to give credit for your research and information. You will also be reviewing  College Honor Codes and the consequences of plagiarism in an academic setting. This unit is comprised of short lectures including research and a skills test to make sure you have read and understand plagiarism and can move onto your regular course work. This course is designed to give you an overview of what is expected to maintain academic integrity.

Note: There will be a REQUIRED skills quiz on the information presented in this section. It is advised that you print all the information from the lectures and links to pass the skills test!

Introduction to Plagiarism

Course Objectives: To provide students a clear understanding of Plagiarism and Academic Integrity. This unit was created to provide the skills necessary for students to do honest creative work.

At the end of this section students should be able to:

  •  Define what constitutes Plagiarism, Cheating and Academic dishonesty
  • Recognize the differences between proper and improper paraphrasing.
  • Recognize proper citation use and styles
  •  Have an understanding of the Foothill Academic Honor codes and consequences for Academic dishonesty.
  • Pass a skills quiz

         Our intention for creating this course is prevent plagiarism and to maintain the high academic standards that is required for all college work. We feel this course helps to maintain those standards by educating students about plagiarism and providing the basic knowledge necessary for students to do honest creative work. Please note that every professor has their own syllabus with requirements about Academic Honesty. Please make sure you read your instructor’s syllabus carefully for changes or further definitions specific for your class. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the course!


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